Having spent nearly 25 years in the corporate world, Laura understands the most difficult challenges you face in your business each day are those that involve people. Think about it; it’s not about knowledge or skills…you can easily train people in those areas. The issue that continually plagues most businesses is interpersonal dynamics, communication, and lack of leadership. Rest easy; you’ve come to the right place!

Laura has the knowledge, skills, and experience to develop leaders throughout your organization; facilitate more effective communication between people; build healthy, collaborative teams; and increase employee engagement. If you’re ready to unleash creativity and unlock the potential in your employees, call Laura today to discuss how to best energize your organization and develop the momentum you need to move your organization forward.


20% of the American workforce is Actively Disengaged. These are the people who actively spread discontent and look for ways to damage your business!*

50% of the American workforce is Disengaged. These are the people who are just sort of there…taking up space and doing as little as possible to get a consistent paycheck. *

Ask yourself this:

In this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business climate, can my business survive with 70% of its employees unconcerned and unmotivated about the organization’s success?

Statistics indicate it’s unlikely. So, how can you turn the tide and ensure your organization doesn’t become another one of those stories?

Simple: Build true connections with your people. Invest in them. Discover what inspires them. Learn how to motivate them. Help them grow, and they will grow your business.

You have to touch a heart before you can ask for a hand.  ~ John C. Maxwell

Laura’s approach to working with organizations is a creative one; she asks insightful, curiosity-based questions to discover your goals, challenges, strengths, and obstacles. Then, she designs a solution that will best suit your unique needs. The toolbox she draws from is both broad and deep. While she may engage with you as a coach, mentor, or consultant, most frequently she provides a blended approach, providing strategic counsel that leads to unconventional insight.

Here are a few of the resources she might pull from to help you grow as a leader and engage your team:

[ppmaccordion][ppmtoggle title=”Learn to Lead“]

Leadership is about influence, not position, power, or authority; attempting to move people solely through one of the latter means will only result in malicious compliance delivered by transactional employees. Clearly, that won’t get your organization where it needs to be in today’s dynamic, increasingly competitive environment.

Leadership is about developing oneself, demonstrating integrity, developing trust-based relationships, sharing vision, inspiring others to act, and developing others. Anyone can grow into an effective leader but it doesn’t just happen!

Leadership development can happen one-on-one, with small teams, or large organizations. For information on Leadership Development through John Maxwell’s programs, click this link.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Communicating Effectively“]

Communication is the key to success in every relationship — personal and professional. With nearly 25 years as a professional communicator, Laura understands, and will share with you, the keys to effective communication:

  • Audience identification and message development
  • Recognition and understanding of different communication styles
  • How to provide and receive feedback
  • Listening versus hearing

This content can be delivered one-on-one, to small teams, and to large organizations. Participants will gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of clear, intentional, effective communication; key skills that may be used in every relationship.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Building Healthy Teams“]

Understanding what differentiates a work group from a team is the first step in building a healthy, high performing team. High performing teams begin with building a foundation of trust, mine for and address conflict, work toward true commitment, take ownership and are accountable, and have a defined set of results that each member is focused on achieving for the good of the whole.

This content may be delivered to large groups, however, it is most effective as an in-depth, interactive workshop with teams of no more than 15 people.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Employee Engagement“]

Again, the statistics are clear and they’ve stayed fairly consistent over the years:

20% of the American workforce is Actively Disengaged. These are the people who actively spread discontent and look for ways to damage your business!*

50% of the American workforce is Disengaged. These are the people who are just sort of there…taking up space and doing as little as possible to get a consistent paycheck. *

Employee engagement doesn’t just happen. It’s an outcome of organizational values, culture, and leadership, or lack thereof. If your employees aren’t engaged, it’s time to take a look in the mirror, begin asking the hard questions, and making some changes in behaviors.

When you’re ready to intentionally create your organization’s culture and engage your employees, Laura can help you build an engaged and productive workforce, through the use of surveys, focus groups, and strategic communication plans.

*Gallup State of the American Workplace Report 2014

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”StrengthsFinder for Managers and Teams“]

Management is about human beings. Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant. ~ Peter Drucker

Laura believes in developing strengths-based organizations. To that end, she is Gallup-Certified in coaching individuals, managers, and teams using the Clifton StrengthsFinder tool.





  • Managers who understand, appreciate, and invest in team members’ strengths, enjoy a team that is more productive and engaged.
  • Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.*
  • People who focus on their strengths are 6 TIMES more likely to be engaged in their jobs.*
  • When managers influence and inspire engagement, their jobs become easier and their teams are more productive.
  • Workgroups with high employee engagement levels experience 22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity.
  • Teams with high employee engagement levels experience 37% lower absenteeism and 10% higher customer ratings.

If you desire a team aligned with these statistics, Laura has a Strengths-based approach of working with your team to make a difference in the future of your organization.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Consult an expert“]

Having worked as a professional communicator in a variety of industries (non-profits to manufacturing, health care to food processing, and a few in between!) over the course of nearly 25 years, and actively developing individuals, leaders, and teams for 10+ years, Laura has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and wisdom through experience. She will work with you on a consultative basis to develop and implement strategies and tactics to move your teams/organizations forward in the areas of communication, team building, leadership development, and employee engagement.[/ppmtoggle][/ppmaccordion]

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